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Decoupage-paper-napkins-on-wood, when you’re all finished, the decoupage napkins on wood will look something like this: you don’t need to worry about sealing the napkins. finally, here’s a closeup so you can see the imperfect edges and the woodgrain peeking through.. The story on this piece: a few weeks ago i tried to decoupage a dresser. i was inspired by shausha at sweet pickin’s furniture. sausha created a video of decoupaging furniture with floral napkins., combine paper napkins and ceramic tiles to make decorative coasters.. It’s no secret i love to decoupage different mediums on to furniture. my most popular blog post, for three years running, is this decoupage tutorial. i guess i am not the only one who loves it! i decided to try the same decoupage technique with paper napkins. at our lost & foundry warehouse sale everyone was asking me about this dresser and how i got this, good morning,i have seen a number of youtube videos on decoupage paper napkins on wood using white pvc glue.would you please recommend a white pvc for me to use for this project,and should i mix it half glue and half water.