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Deep-cleaning-teeth-gum-disease, deep cleaning for gum disease: an essential guide. aside from tooth decay, gum disease is one of the major threats to a person’s overall dental health.. Gum disease is a common problem. in fact, according to the american dental association (ada) mouth healthy site, almost half of all adults over 30 have a problem with their gums.. it's also a common cause of tooth loss. as the gums become infected, they recede (or come away) from the tooth surface, ultimately loosening your teeth and causing them to fall out if left untreated., nearly half of american adults have some form of periodontal disease, reports the centers for disease control and prevention.although it’s a serious condition, periodontal disease is preventable and treatable. here are three things to know about gum disease and deep cleaning of your teeth.. symptoms – many people with gum disease are not aware of the problem..

What does 'deep teeth cleaning' refer to, exactly? simply put, a deep cleaning is when a dentist probes deeper into your gums than during a regular cleaning in order to remove buildup of tartar ..., teeth scaling is a deep dental cleaning that is often performed along with root planing. these procedures help clean bacteria from below the gum line and help gums grow back along the base of teeth..

If your dentist or dental hygienist believes that you have early signs of periodontal disease, you should undergo a periodontal deep cleaning to remove all the tartar, plaque, and bacteria from below your gum line. a deep cleaning will prevent further infection and help your teeth and gums heal.