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Kitchens-with-black-stainless-steel-appliances, featuring a darker, bolder shade, black stainless appliances have become an increasingly popular choice in today’s kitchens. people love the sleek, modern design and rich color of black stainless steel. while the darker finish is spiking as a kitchen design trend, black stainless is more than just a passing fad--it’s here to stay.. Welcome to our gallery featuring a number of beautiful, unique kitchens featuring black appliances. sleek black appliances are a common alternative to high-end stainless steel. while stainless steel can attract fingerprints, black appliances tend to hold up better against the assault of sticky little hands and fingers., black stainless steel makes a bold addition to any kitchen. the soft, brushed metal of our black stainless appliances is offset by chrome details and satin-textured handles. and with a printshield™ finish that resists fingerprints and smudges, your appliances will stay as stunning as ever..

Black stainless steel appliances are one to keep an eye on. a brief history of stainless steel stainless steel has only been around since 1913, when it was invented in england. renovating a kitchen isn’t as easy as buying a new sweater, so it’s important to know which trends are built to last — and which ones to skip., kitchenaid presents the first-ever black stainless suite of appliances. the kitchen design possibilities are as endless as your creativity. it’s a softer, warmer alternative to traditional stainless steel and works with other black and stainless appliances..

Kitchens appear in a series of layouts, from common to sleekly minimalist. thanks for visiting our gallery showcasing a variety of gorgeous, special kitchen areas showcasing black appliances. smooth black appliances are a typical selection of premium stainless steel., it should come as no surprise to you that these days that kitchen stainless steel appliances are by far the most popular for kitchens. check out our data chart and table below for precise figures. of course, there are pros and cons to stainless steel kitchen appliances.. it wasn’t all that long ago in the big scheme of things that stainless steel was considered an upgrade..

Black stainless steel appliances are the hot kitchen trend we've been waiting for black stainless steel appliances are the hot kitchen trend we've been waiting for finally, a kitchen finish that gets five stars for looks and is a breeze to keep clean., there are two reasons to stop before you rush and buy a black stainless steel kitchen. first, if it's discontinued, you will have to replace it with classic stainless steel appliances one piece at a time. at 30% of sales, black stainless steel will probably not be discontinued anytime soon. however, it is a concern..

The houzz study reported that 3/4 of the respondents still planned to have stainless steel appliances. their popularity continues, even though more homeowners are opening up to other styles and finishes. people like stainless steel. it matches every wood tone and finishes. dark wood, light wood, and white cabinets all look good with stainless ...