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This acute myopathy is generalized, may affect the eye muscles and the respiratory system, lead to the development tetraparesis. Perhaps the increase in creatine kinase. This improvement or recovery after the abolition of the SCS can only occur through a number of weeks or even a few years. Gastrointestinal:. Peptic ulcer with possible perforation and hemorrhage, gastric hemorrhage, pancreatitis, esophagitis, perforation of the intestine after treatment there was an increase of buy equipoise alanintransaminazy level , aspartate transaminase  and alkaline phosphatase in the blood serum. Typically, these changes are minor, not associated with any clinical syndrome and are reversible upon discontinuation of treatment, dermatological: slow wound healing, petechiae and ecchymosis, thinning and reduction of skin resistance.

Metabolic: negative nitrogen balance due to protein catabolism. Neurological: increased intracranial pressure with papilledema (pseudotumor of the brain), mental disorders, convulsions. The therapy of buy equipoise may develop a variety of mental disorders: from euphoria, insomnia, mood instability, personality changes and severe depression to acute psychotic symptoms. In addition, it may increase the already existing emotional instability or propensity to psychotic reactions. Endocrine: menstrual irregularities, development of Cushing’s syndrome, suppression of pituitary-adrenal axis, decreased glucose tolerance, manifestation of latent diabetes mellitus, increased need for insulin or oral hypoglycemic agents in diabetes, growth retardation in children. Ophthalmic: posterior subcapsular cataracts, increased intraocular pressure, exophthalmos. Immunologic: erased the clinical picture of infectious diseases, activation of latent infections, the occurrence of infections due to opportunistic pathogens, hypersensitivity reactions, including anaphylaxis with or without circulatory collapse, cardiac arrest, bronchospasm, suppression of reactions during skin tests. The other: a . persistent hiccups (at higher doses) reported that patients treated with corticosteroids, there was a Kaposi’s sarcoma. If you cancel the GCS may occur clinical remission.


The clinical syndrome of acute drug overdose not described. Reports of acute toxicity is extremely rare with an overdose of Valium. There is no buy equipoise specific antidote. Treatment is symptomatic.Methylprednisolone is displayed during dialysis.

Interaction with other medicinal products
compatibility and stability of solutions of methylprednisolone with a / in the introduction of other drugs that are part of the mixtures for the on / in, depending on the pH, concentration, time, temperature, and the solubility of methylprednisolone. Methylprednisolone is recommended whenever possible administered separately from other medicaments, the form I / bolus injection in / drip infusion, or through a second additional solution IV.
The following examples drug interactions may have important clinical implications. The combined use of methylprednisolone and cyclosporine is mutual inhibition of metabolism, therefore, likely that the side effects associated with the use of each of these drugs as monotherapy, when used together can occur more frequently. When the joint application of these drugs cases of seizure were observed.
Preparations activating hepatic enzymes such as phenobarbital, phenytoin, and rifampin may increase the clearance of methylprednisolone, which may require increasing doses of the drug to produce the desired effect. Inhibitors of buy equipoise (such as antibiotics, macrolides, azole antifungals of the group, some calcium channel blockers) may inhibit methylprednisolone metabolism and decrease its clearance.In this case, to avoid overdose phenomena, it is necessary to reduce the dose of methylprednisolone. Methylprednisolone may increase the clearance of acetylsalicylic acid. received high doses for long periods, which can lead to reduced serum salicylate or salicylates increase the risk of toxicity when canceling methylprednisolone. Patients with gipoprotrombinemiey appoint acetylsalicylic acid in combination with corticosteroids should be cautious.
Methylprednisolone has a varied impact on the effect of oral anticoagulants. It is reported as an enhancement, and to reduce the effect of anticoagulants, taken together with methylprednisolone. To maintain the desired anticoagulant effect needs constant determination of coagulation parameters.

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