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Ys640-pellet-grill-review, the yoder ys640 pellet grill is typical of similar products. one of the biggest features that differentiate this grill from others is that this model is made in the united states. built of heavy steel and looking much more like a smoker than a grill, this is a serious product, but one that can be had for under $1,500 usd, which makes it one of the better pellet grills in its price range.. Yoder is a brand that takes pride in how well their pellet grills and smoker grills work. many guru grillers often proudly show off what their winning grills can do, also there are trying to compare it to other great grills like rec tec vs yoder and the yoder is definitely a grill that stands a firm chance in that competition. this model is actually a great size for backyard bbqs and cook-offs., full review – yoder ys-640 pellet grill yoder smokers produces a wide range of outdoor cooking products including some of the best pellet grills. the yoder ys640 is large, capable and perfect for making serious barbecue..

Yoder is a brand revered by competition cooks for well-designed high end charcoal and wood fired smokers and bbq grills made in the usa. in 2010 they introduced two pellet cookers. the ys640 earns our amazingribs.com best value gold medal award., the ys640 competition pellet grill. our well respected and popular ys640 is just at home on the competition circuit as it is the back yard. the cooker’s main body and electronics are all the same, but when you add the competition cart and stainless steel prep shelves, it becomes even more versatile and markedly more maneuverable – perfect for someone competing at a different venue every ....

Which is the best bbq grill or smoker to choose and buy - charcoal, briquettes, wood, barbecues | 4k - duration: 28:43. hectors smoke house 156,417 views, smokingpit.com - yoder ys640 hd video review and operational videos. see why i think the yoder ys 640 is the best and most versatile smoker on the market.