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Zep-industrial-purple-cleaner-and-degreaser-sds, industrial settings create industrial levels of grease on machinery and surfaces. pros know that the powerful solvents in industrial purple degreaser & cleaner destroy grease with a low-foaming, easy-to-rinse formula.. Safety data sheet zep industrial purple degreaser & cleaner version 3.1 revision date 04/23/2020 print date 05/29/2020 3 / 11 keep eye wide open while rinsing. if eye irritation persists, consult a specialist. if swallowed : keep respiratory tract clear. do not induce vomiting unless directed to do so by a physician or poison control center., zep industrial purple degrsr & clnr con version 4.2 revision date 03/31/2020 print date 05/29/2020 3 / 12 wash contaminated clothing before reuse. in case of eye contact : small amounts splashed into eyes can cause irreversible tissue damage and blindness. rinse immediately with plenty of water, also under the eyelids, for at least 15 minutes..

Bz7573 zep ind prpl cl zu0856128 4/1g version 1.0 revision date 04/16/2015 print date 06/27/2016 3 / 11 show this safety data sheet to the doctor in attendance. do not leave the victim unattended. if inhaled : if unconscious place in recovery position and seek medical advice. consult a physician after significant exposure., this powerful multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser is made this powerful multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser is made with a natural citrus solvent that powers through the toughest grease, dirt and grime. dissolving away the most stubborn stains, zep heavy-duty citrus degreaser is great for cleaning in the home, garage, shop and office..

Material safety data sheet product name industrial purple cleaner & degreaser concentrate product code zu0856 3 0 0 section 5. fire fighting measures not applicable. use dry chemicals, co 2, water spray or foam.wear special protective, our safe water based formula dissolves grease and our safe water based formula dissolves grease and grim from almost any surface. use oil eater on shop floors, driveways, equipment and much more. since this is an "ultra" concentrate it is perfect for light, medium or heavy cleaning..

Material safety data sheet product name industrial purple cleaner and degreaser concentrate product code zu0856 physical state ph boiling point specific gravity solubility liquid. 13.0 - 14.0 98.9°c (210°f) 1.06 color odor vapor pressure vapor density evaporation rate voc (consumer) clear. purple. mild. ethereal., ingredient water (solvent); d-limonene (solvent); bht (fragrance component); dipropylene glycol butyl ether (solvent); butoxydiglycol (solvent); tetrasodium edta (chelating agent); tall oil acid (surfactant – cleaning agent); sodium c14-16 olefin sulfonate (surfactant – cleaning agent); c9-11 alcohols ethoxylated 4-6eo (surfactant – emulsifying agent); ethanolamine (solvent); c12-16 .... Zep fast 505 cleaner & degreaser zu50532 (pack of 2) - great for grills, plastics, metal, and more! simple green 73434010 14010 industrial cleaner & degreaser, concentrated, lemon, 1 gal bottle zep zucit128ca citrus cleaner and degreaser, citrus scent, 1 gal bottle