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Zero-waste-christmas-gifts, here are some items that make great zero waste christmas gifts for kids: sewing kit. buying non-toy gifts is a great way to inspire creativity. i still use the mrs. tiggy-winkle sewing box that i was given around 30 years ago! tool set. on my sons wish list this year is a real tool set. will hopefully inspire a lifetime of making-do and mending .... I define zero waste gifts has handmade, homemade, secondhand, or items that help someone refuse and reduce disposable or plastic waste. do you ever feel that buying presents have turned into more of an obligation – a hurry up and buy something – type event., it may seem counter-intuitive to gift someone interested in living a zero waste lifestyle more products, but reusable essentials are always worth the investment..

I am not a christmas grinch. i love the idea of families and friends coming together at christmas, taking time out to share experiences, eating good food and hopefully playing some board games ;) but presents? oh, i'm not a fan of christmas presents at all. i'm passionate about living a zero waste lifestyle. i aspire to own less, not more. and christmas presents are, quite frankly, the ..., if you want to give a gardener zero waste christmas gifts, you can easily pull together a nice gardening kit containing seeds, a woven trug* and some metal trowels. plants make great zero waste gifts too, either for indoors or the garden (especially if you grow them yourself, but it’s a bit late this year!)..

The second r in the zero waste 5 rs is “reduce”. this means that we should all be trying to buy less. but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to buy anything it just means we have to be more thoughtful about what we do buy.