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Zero-waste-face-scrub, all of the ingredients included in the beauty recipes below can be found in either sustainable packaging (glass, usually) or in bulk. while some of these ingredients may be on the pricier side (we’re looking at you, agar agar), it’s totally worth splurging for a bulk-sized container that will help create hundreds — if not more — face masks, scrubs, serums, and more.. Diy sugar scrub. july 15, 2016 kathryn kellogg. exfoliation is important. i wonder how many times i use that phrase on the blog. "_____ is important." a lot of things are important, but i learned about exfoliating the hard way. i think i've learned about skin care the hard way in general. i had it really easy in high school., makeup wipes are the third most wasteful product in the world and they end up polluting the oceans and endangering countless marine lives! we decided to do something about it. clear blue sea works on developing a floating robot for eliminating debris (fred) which captures marine plastic pollution for cleanup, research, and recycling purposes.. you can help too!.

My zero waste skincare routine keeps my skin clean, clear and happy, all while package-free! here’s what has been working for me. thinking about switching to a zero waste skincare routine intimidated me for a long, long time., transitioning from traditional face scrubs is easy with this zero waste diy face scrub. no chemicals, no plastic beads, no waste. beauty that is chemical free..

Zero waste exfoliating scrub. face scrub. natural exfoliating face mask. sugar scrub aloe avocado facial exfoliator. acne scrub plastic free sweet primrose simple natural exfoliating mask 50ml/1.7 oz. 100% natural, alcohol-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, chemical-free, synthetic microbeads-free,, so in the spirit of laying down the skinny on eco friendly skin care, we’ve compiled a list of the best zero waste skin care brands and products we could find using our sustainable personal care criteria.. for new readers, that means we look for products that are: