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Zero-waste-lunch, how to pack a zero waste lunch. zero waste kitchen kathryn kellogg april 12, 2016april 3, 2020. i pack my lunch almost every day for work. not only is it economical, it’s also a really easy way to prevent waste. i store plates and flatware at work. we have a fridge where i can keep things cold, but i typically don’t find it necessary.. A zero-waste lunch also means preventing wasted food. pack realistic quantities, especially if you cannot refrigerate perishable items. you can always pack less-perishable snack foods such as nuts or an apple to round out a meal. take inventory of your fridge before packing lunches to keep food out of the landfill or compost bin., bee’s wrap: if you’re looking for a zero-waste alternative to plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or parchment paper for wrapping sandwiches, bee’s wrap is a great option. we have a lot of bee’s wrap in our house for food storage purposes, but i rarely use it in lunch packing because i don’t pack a lot of sandwiches!.

In fact, if you want to go zero-waste and plastic-free in the kitchen start collecting glass jars now. they look wonderful when filled with beans, nuts, rice and other grains. you can store food in jars in the fridge or freezer (leave enough room at the top for the expansion of liquids as they freeze)., 31 day zero waste challenge kathryn kellogg january 17, 2019 lunch can arguably be one of the most wasteful meals. there’s lots of single-use packaging and lots of easy grab-and-go options wrapped in plastic. today i’m challenging you to ditch the fast-food to-go salads, the saran wrapped wraps, and plastic soup containers..

What is the idea of a zero waste lunch? the idea with zero waste lunches is to reduce the waste generated when packing kids lunch boxes. basically it’s stopping the use of one-time use plastics such as saran wrap, as well as plastic yogurt containers, cheese string wrappers and juice boxes. one kid can create a lot of waste at lunch time!