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Zerorez-carpet-cleaning-prices, we generally offer a three area carpet cleaning special that is priced in the $199 – $229 price based on seasonality. the areas can each be up to 200 square feet, which accommodates most rooms (a large 12’ by 15’ room is still only 180 feet), so there is almost never an additional cost for a bonus sized room.. We get rid of stains, smells, and germs that you can't help but notice. unlike many carpet cleaners, we make sure no soapy residues, harsh chemicals, or extra water is left behind - as these substances can actually make things worse., zerorez carpet cleaning is the most recommended carpet cleaner in the country! experience the zerorez difference for yourself!.

Furry friends add fun to any home-but they can also add unwanted aromas. traditional carpet cleaners often rely on perfumes or deodorizers that add residue and work only temporarily to mask these odors. zerorez ® uses a non-toxic, food-grade enzyme that destroys unpleasant smells instead of just hiding them. then, we clean the area with our powered water® technology., zerorez actually has a 3-bedroom minimum, but i was willing to pay the 3-bedroom price for 1 bedroom. they have a 3-room special, which they advertise a lot, for $139 + a $15 service fee ($154 total) and they include a hallway for free..

Our powered water™ technology allows us to clean and refresh your surfaces without the use of detergents or harsh chemicals, which means your carpet stays cleaner longer, unlike other carpet cleaning companies in atlanta., carpet. a carpeted room is defined as tacked down wall to wall carpeting no larger than 250 sqft. any room exceeding this size would count as two or more rooms.. I attempted to book with additional services just carpet cleaning. the person told me they will not honor the special because they are booking out into june. the price now is $44 per room. i have used this company before and never have had booking issues nor use of coupon issues., a healthy and happy home starts with clean carpet, the biggest filter in your home. only the zerorez ® cleaning process with powered water ® eliminates the need for harsh shampoos, soaps or detergents. this safe and effective carpet cleaning process leaves zero soapy, sticky, dirt attracting residue behind so your home will stay cleaner, longer!.

Best carpet cleaning services in phoenix. our professional technicians use the patented zerorez® cleaning system to solve the industries top concerns.