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Zio-ciro-pizza-oven, the subito cotto, trasportable and ready to use is a real wood and gas fired oven made of refractory concrete, it guarantee high quality materials and durability.all the components and the external shell are handmade by specialized artisans in our factory in simaxis, oristano, italy and patented by our company tek ref, following a proprietary technique.. Catering solutions using a subito cotto 95. the subito cotto line of pizza ovens has enjoyed commercial applications since its inception. because of their reduced weights, the subito cotto 80 and the new subito cotto 100 are perfect solutions for catering projects , whether on a trailers or on the backyard of your customer., zio ciro “subito cotto” is a ready to use, pre-assembled, insulated and finished oven. it is lightweighted and can be transported and used in small spaces such as terraces, balconie, small gardens but also indoor or outdoor kitchens or taverns. it consumes small amounts of wood and reaches the baking temperature in just few minutes..

For more than 20 years, we have been committed to offering our customers all around the world an authentic italian pizza experience. the zio ciro wood and gas-fired ovens are 100% made in italy..., store address 111 south 13th street philadelphia, pa 19107 phone: 215-627-1615, 215-627-5018 fax: 215-627-5019.

Until recently, an aspiring pizzaiolo had no choice but to crank up their kitchen oven to the standard 450 degrees. now, portable pizza ovens can heat up as high as 900 degrees—the perfect..., official website of valoriani, company leader for pizza oven made in italy. quality and tradition, world famous! ☎ tel. +39 055 868069. Mugnaini now offers portable ovens in two sizes with a choice of fuels. made in tuscany and built just like all our legendary pizza ovens, the piccolo 60 & piccolo 75 offer a wonderful solution for those who need a compact, lightweight oven., forno bravo’s pizza ovens have been used to pioneer the food truck and pizza trailer catering business since 2004. in our commercial mobile line, we currently offer the viaggio mobile drop-in oven in tile and stucco finishes, perfect for attaching to your trailer or later transferring to a brick and mortar location.