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Zymox-pet-ear-treatment, zymox ear solution with hydrocortisone aids in managing problematic ears on all animals including dogs and cats of any age. the patented lp3 enzyme system delivers a potent formula to maximize the power of this product, without traumatic pre-cleaning and application.1% hydrocortisone is added for comfort. use once daily for 7 to 14 days.. Zymox pet king brand otic pet ear treatment with hydrocortisone z ymox otic with hydrocortisone is used for the treatment of acute and chronic otitis externa, an inflammation of the outer ear characterized by itching, swelling, redness and pain in the outer part of the ears. simply touching the ears of your pets can hurt. zymox otic is manufactured by pkb animal health, a manufacturer of pet ..., committed to healthy ears, skin and coat, and smiles. to ensure overall health from snout to tail on all four-legged pals, zymox has developed products that are specially formulated for all the areas that commonly need infection relief, like the ears, teeth and gums, and skin and coat..

If your dog is suffering from an external canine ear infection, your vet may have recommended treatment with a liquid topical medication called zymox otic.here's some information about this medication. zymox otic. zymox otic has proven very effective against infections of the dog's outer ear., zymox otic pet ear treatment or as written on amazon (zymox pet king brand otic pet ear treatment with hydrocortisone) is famous for treating inflammation of the external ear caused by bacterial, viral, and yeast infections for cats and dogs.. when it comes to ear infection, it can be so stressful and annoying for both cats and dogs alike. after all, ears are sensitive to animals more than humans..

Highly effective for aiding in the treatment of bacterial, fungal and yeast infections including staphylococcus, pseudomonas, proteus and malassezia. contains three natural bio-active enzymes that when combined, form a powerful antimicrobial defense system that is safe for all ages of cats and dogs., zymox otic with 1% hydrocortisone effectively treats acute and chronic otitis external due to bacterial, fungal and yeast infections. zymox otic contains three active enzymes that have shown to be antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral..

Zymox ear solutions help control problem ears with specialized cleaners, enzymes and antibiotics., zymox otic is an over the counter (otc) medication for the treatment of external ear infections in dogs. otitis externa, or outer ear infection, is caused by a bacterial, fungal or yeast infection in the ears of cats and dogs..

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